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Breastfeeding Care

I offer breastfeeding education, care, and guidance to all families that work with me throughout the continuum of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum (up to 6 weeks) as part of my service to you. For others who have birthed elsewhere and are seeking support, I am available for you too, at any time throughout your breastfeeding journey. I have extensive education and experience supporting breastfeeding families and I am certified as a lactation consultant and look forward to providing services to mothers and their babies throughout their breastfeeding journeys.

I look forward to working in partnership with you and your baby.


Care Philosophy

I view breastfeeding as a natural, instinctive, and a learned behaviour. I have witnessed that for many new mothers and babies breastfeeding flows beautifully, whilst for others it can be a bumpy ride. Whatever the challenge maybe I also know that patience, gentle guidance, and loving support from a skilled and caring ‘other’, can make all the difference.

The breastfeeding journey is one of bonding and attachment between you and your little one. Learning how to interpret and respond to your baby’s unique language takes time, patience, and curiosity. Many breastfeeding challenges are relational and stem from confusion, misinterpretation of needs, and are often fuelled by stressful emotions. Other challenges may arise out of misinformation that undermines both yours and your baby’s own natural wisdom, and intuitive knowing. Sometimes, there can be underlying health conditions that impact how breastfeeding is unfolding, or there may be physical challenges that require some creative solutions. Often, challenges can stem from unresolved experiences that either you, your baby or both of you are trying to make sense of. Lindsey draws from her experience and knowledge in breastfeeding, perinatal psychology, somatic therapies, and other modalities combined with her finely attuned presence to support you and your baby to establish a nurturing breastfeeding relationship.

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