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Body Mind Integration


The work of Body Mind Integration is a practical, non religious approach to resolving difficult emotional and psychological states.

Although the body mind is one, we are conditioned to believe they are separate.

Separation is suffering, and stems from a faulty preception that we are alone and separate from our environment.

The feeling of separation impacts how we feel and what we think about ourselves. It impacts the state of our health along with our capacity to enjoy life and be happy.

Integration takes place naturally when we have right understanding and seeing. Once you know the truth about something, it isn't possible to unlearn it.

The body has an innate wisdom and intelligence that functions very differently to the mind. In reality they are two facets of the same diamond.



Whether prior to conceiving, during pregnancy or afterwards, the cultivation of our capacity to access the felt experience of relaxation and inner peace is essential to reduce levels of stress (particularly chronic stress) and promote a lived experience of feeling well. Although a certain amount of stress is unavoidable and part of life, chronic unrelenting stress is non-advantageous for both a mother/pregnant parent and her/their baby. Stress, particularly when it accumulates can result in shorter length of pregnancy and infant birth weight and contribute to higher rates of intervention during pregnancy, labour, and birth. Chronic levels of stress from the time of conception onwards, programs your little one to expect the world to be stressful and may contribute to greater challenges during transition, breastfeeding, attachment, and bonding. 

There are many tools we can access, to support the cultivation of inner peace and relaxation. Deep Yin Restoration Sessions is an invitation to drop out of the everyday mind and conditioned mode of being, to access the deeper current of wellbeing that is at the heart of all life. The ‘lived experience of feeling well’ may be described as health, qui, prana, vital force, Reiki, intelligence, love, the Goddess or God, or simply healing energy. Whatever its’ name, in this deep state of relaxation, the body-mind begins to vibrate with a harmonious frequency, and like a pebble dropped in still water, the ripples of harmony and peace begin to flow. 

Lindsey has studied Reiki at a master level and received attunements and teachings from Kamal Anand (Reiki Master and Healer), whilst living in India. In addition, she has studied and explored other forms of energy healing and balancing such as Pranic Healing, Qui Kung, BodyTalk, Shiatsu, Acupressure and Somatic therapy and movement practices. Her work is gentle and guided by deep presence.

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