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Conception and the Foundations of Nourishment

Preparing to conceive a baby is such a momentous, courageous, and deeply transformative time. Not only are you and your partner dreaming of your baby and imagining yourselves as parents, but you are also entering the territory of implicit memories, of activating the unconscious experiences that you had as you were conceived, held, birthed, and parented. From the time of conception, of when the ovum opens to and invites the sperm to unite with her, there is consciousness present, how else could this miracle of creation take place. Just because we can’t witness the miracle with our own eyes, does not mean that it isn’t real. I invite you to see your body as the fertile soil, the ground within which you will conceive and grow new life. And just as a seed requires the right conditions to flourish, so too do both you and your baby.

Your body is more than a physical container to gestate a pregnancy in. It is alive, it is your home, it is your temple. Without a body you would not be able to experience life. It is through your body that emotions move, sensations are felt, and thoughts are witnessed. Your body is a living, complex, adaptive system that is infused with intelligence and wisdom. Your body is a sensing, breathing, beating, flowing miracle of life, and as such, it deserves to be treated with love, reverence, and holy respect. Your body is the sacred vessel within which you will welcome your precious baby and where they will make their first home.

Imagine yourself as a tiny little embryo (like you once were), how do you want to be welcomed here? How do you hope to be cared for in your new womb space? It matters even though we cannot consciously remember, our bodies remember. There is a responsibility that comes with conceiving a child and part of that is to create the best conditions possible for you both to thrive. This doesn’t mean striving for perfection or getting caught up in guilt and blame about previous choices, but what it does mean is that you get to take an honest look at what might serve and not serve you right now as you make this sacred journey of becoming parents. You get to be imperfect and at the same time do your best with what is given to you, with grace, mercy, and gratitude.

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