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Conscious Eating

There is no one aspect of who you are that can be isolated, separated, or removed from the wholeness of you. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, intuitive, and energetic bodies all combine to create a unique, miraculous, complex, system that thinks, feels, moves, tastes, smells, dreams, and interacts with all life both within and without. You are part of the whole, you are inter-dependent, you are beingness itself, a vibrating presence connected to the source of life. Pause for a moment and allow yourself to take that in, for it to land. Nourishment is the experience of feeling nourished, it is a whole-bodied experience that affects all and leaves nothing out!

Your body and your baby’s body are wired to recognise real, whole, nutrient-dense foods. Food that are alive and vital will energise your body and provide you with the nutrients you need to grow a healthy baby, and to nurture your own wellbeing throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Equally important and often overlooked is how we come into relationship with the foods we eat and the quality of attention we bring to everyday processes like preparing and eating our food. Rather than eating on the run, take some time to engage all your senses prior to eating or when you are preparing your meals.

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