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Private Sessions


Lindsey offers private sessions for those wishing to explore in greater depth their own barriers and resistances to living in alignment with the greater intelligence and wisdom of life. The aim of this work is to facilitate transformational experiences that serve greater embodiment of one’s innate wisdom and the natural intelligence that we are all born as. 


Why is this important? Most of us live our lives from the habituated, mechanical conditioned mind. This conditioning is not who we are, yet we live in a way that is governed by habitual and reactive patterns of behaviour, disconnected from our essence and infinite source of vitality. Living this way takes a toll on our sense of well-being and our capacity to feel deeply connected to ourselves and others. It impacts our capacity to embrace and surrender to the natural ebb and flow of life and trust our deeper wisdom. Rather than a deeply rooted sense of trust in life’s unfolding, when we live governed by the conditioned mind, our foundation is insecure, and we find ourselves seeking security in ways that do not serve us or bring happiness in the long-term. As babies we come into the world mostly wide open and unconditioned, how we are welcomed, supported, and cared for greatly impacts the trajectory of our lives. As parents, we pass on our unconscious conditioning to our little ones and find ourselves playing out the same old dramas we played out with our own parents. 


Private sessions may serve as an added support for those participating in Womb Space classes, and for anyone seeking to discover through their own direct experience the path of living a nourished life. This work is also suited for those preparing to become parents or for those who are parents and seek a greater sense of effortlessness, and trust in their approach to parenting. 


Lindsey is skilled as a facilitator and space-holder. Her work over the past three decades in the realm of body mind integration has led to her acquiring a unique skill set that spans a vast bandwidth of knowledge and life experience.

Lindsey has developed the capacity to guide others in a way that honours one’s natural pace and rhythm, whilst gently inviting a deeper exploration and enquiry into ones lived experience. 


All private sessions are conducted via zoom

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