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FREE ~ Circle of Presence

A place to Be and explore the richness of our human experience as Presence

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Service Description

Free Circle When: Sundays May 28, June 4, 18, 25 Time: 3pm until 4:30pm Duration: 1.5 hours Logistics: These circles are free but PLEASE REGISTER to receive a ZOOM link which will be sent 1 hour prior to starting. Imagine living life with the direct knowing that who you are is this alive presence instead of being hijacked by stories and thoughts, or enticed by delusions of some greater happiness in the future. Conditioning tells us we are separate individuals and layers and layers of meaning and story get encrusted on this false information. For the majority of people life gets filtered through the belief of a separate Me; a personal identity that is wired as conditioning in the cellular matrices of our bodies. But, there is no ME here, and discovering this fact is freedom. It isn't money, a better job or relationship, more food, or any other external circumstance that can bring real freedom or happiness. This is not about a 'doing' or a 'becoming' it is waking up to the very simple truth that what we are seeking cannot be found outside of ourselves. If you feel miserable, at a loss in your life, seek lasting peace and perhaps intuitively sense the possibility of life being more natural and ease-ful please come join me! Intention: 1. To awaken and recognize the being dimension of our human existence and shine a light on and explore doubts, questions, and our direct lived experience. 2. To come together to strengthen our collective capacity to root in and through the body as the ground of being so we can directly know ourselves as that. 3. To weave a field of loving unconditional welcome so that all experience through the senses can be named, explored and seen in the light of truth

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