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Birth and the Power of the Unknown

The image of a spiral comes to mind as I open to the mystery of life's creation, right here as the feeling and movement of what is wanting to be shared slowly takes shape. This wanting is more like a beckoning that is prior to thought - the mysterious dimension that I can more easily dance than speak. There is an aligning 'with' and 'as' the movement itself, whereby remnants of myself as anything other than this un-named naked presence, dissolve in service to that which is emerging. Both being and becoming arise simultaneously out of the decomposed ashes of what has been. I can feel the potential as desire to bring something into form, to share a knowing that I did not previously understand.

As I come closer to the spiral's center I notice I am holding tenderly a small and fragile root and my heart feels reverent with the recognition that there is still so much of life's wisdom yet to be revealed. As I reach the center, I kneel down, bow and offer this little root-ling as a symbol of devotion to that which cannot be seen or even truly named and with grace and blessing I align myself with the potency and power inherent in the unseen realms knowing full well it will be my own undoing.

Birth is so aligned with death, they dance together, are like inter-twining threads of the same fabric. Just as the seed hull decays and rots giving birth to itself as stem, root, leaf and flower, there is a silent death each time we stand on the threshold of something new. How do we open to the experience of death, of decay, rotting, loss, and all the so called 'negative' shunned parts of what it means to be a living breathing human being on this earth. Have you ever considered that what we call sadness, or loneliness, is simply a return to stillness, to ground, to silence? Have you ever thought to yourself that all the many ways we tell ourselves there is something wrong with who we are, or with how we feel, is actually a misguided perspective from a status-quo system that has no space for the wholeness of life? A system that by its' very nature has an aversion to anything that stands in the way of growth, consumption and progress. One that commits itself to the control and repression of the very forces of nature responsible for its' very existence.

The power of the unknown reveals itself to us right here where we are in the pause between breath and thought, in the raw lived and real experiences of sound and taste and touch. In the emerging growls and screams of intense sensation and ecstasy. It reveals itself to us right here, as we gaze into the eyes of another and find no words there to speak. It reveals its' power silently behind, through, above and beside every movement our body makes as it expands and contracts with the waves of our breath and the movement of blood in our veins. It breaks us, humbles us, and brings us to our knees because it is the very power of life itself, the ultimate of forces beyond which exists a void of quiet peace and from which we ourselves emerge.

Birth and the Power of the Unknown
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