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In my late teens something happened that at the time I had no words to describe. I was gripped by deep despair accompanied by a self-consciousness that would eventually manifest as facial numbness. I had no way to make sense of what was happening to me, all I knew was that I felt broken. It was as if I had been plunged into the dark depths of a well with no map. It was here, in the darkness I had been running from, where a spontaneous turning inward happened that completely shifted my perception and perspective of my self and of life. This opening to the darkness within myself, guided me to my beloved teacher, who showed me a way out of the profound suffering I had been living with for many years. I was so ripe, so ready to hear what was said, it penetrated my heart and opened me to the direct experience of oneness, of un-caused love and joy.

At the time, I was naive to the impact of trauma and although I had directly experienced the oneness at the heart of all life, woven in to the cells of my body and imprinted deeply in my psyche lived the deep wounds of trauma that continued to play out and create suffering. This became my study, my inquiry, and over the decades since, I have come to know and understand in a deep and intimate way, the process of healing the split between body and mind, and the necessity to include the wisdom and the intelligence of the body.

I am a devoted servant of truth and my work is dedicated to finding ways to support others discover their own unique gifts as they root more fully in the wholeness that they are.  I have a highly developed capacity to understand the mechanics of energy and the subtle workings of mind and body and share this gift in the intimate work I do with others. Whether I am supporting a new mother and her baby to breastfeed, present at birth, or helping someone integrate painful past experiences, the human heart always recognizes itself and when it does, something aligns and the seeds of healing naturally sprout.

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