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Credentials & Experience

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology Educator, Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH). USA

Prescribing Course for Midwives, Griffith University. Australia

Bachelor of Midwifery, Latrobe University. Melbourne, Australia 

Bachelor of Nursing, Latrobe University. Melbourne, Australia

Integrative Clinical Nutrition Therapist. Seven Bowls School of Nutrition, Nourishment & Healing. Boulder, Colorado, USA. 

Certified Bodytalk Practitioner. International BodyTalk Association. Boulder, Colorado, USA. 

Advanced Reiki Practitioner. Kamal Kanta’ Anand. Bangalore, India

Somatic Therapies & Embodiment Work

NeuroAffective Touch Foundational Training Module 2 - Touching Emotional Trauma. 15 hours. Dr Aline La Pierre. Somatic Experiencing Australasia

NeuroAffective Touch Foundation Training Module 1 - Healing the Relational Matrix. 15 hours. Dr Aline La Pierre. Somatic Experiencing


Living as Love - Holy Essentials Small Group Leader Facilitation. September, 2021 - present. Jeannie Zandie

Body Mind Centering - Summer, Fall, & Winter Series. Online Self-paced Courses. Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Experiential Psychotherapy Training. Level Two 144 hours. Hakomi Institute, Australasia

Experiential Psychotherapy Training. Level One 76 hours. Hakomi Institute, Australasia

Hakomi Psychotherapy Supervision. Dr Andy Harkin, Trauma Specialist

The Joy of Reconnection. Certificate of Participation, 18 hours. Jules Morgaine. Hakomi Institute, Australasia

Attending to Vicarious Trauma & PTSD: A mindful Somatic Approach for Human Services Personnel. Certificate of Participation, 13 hours. Alladin Jones. Hakomi Institute, Australasia 

Right Use of Power 4-day Online Core Training: Communication and Ethics. 12 hours. Dr. Cedar Barstow, Rabi Charna Rosenholz, & Sherril Taylor, Right Use of Power Institute

Power with Heart e-learning Course. Dr. Cedar Barstow. Right Use of Power Institute

MATRIXWORKS Working with Groups as Living Systems Training. Certificate of Participation 60 hours.  Mukara Meredith & Cassell Gross. Boulder, CO. USA

Energy Medicine & Breath-work

3-Day Imagery Workshop: School of Images, Dr Catherine Shainberg. Melbourne, Australia

Suspenshen Breathwork Training. Level 0ne, 120 hours. Norman Allard D.C. Boulder, Co., USA

Attainment Master Level. Kamal Kanta’ Anand, Traditional Reiki Master. Bangalore India 

Advanced Reiki Training. Kamal Kanta’ Anand, Traditional Reiki Master. Bangalore, India 

Attainment in Second degree Reiki. Kamal Kanta’ Anand, Traditional Reiki Master. Bangalore, India 

Attainment in First degree Reiki. Kamal Kanta’ Anand, Traditional Reiki Master.Bangalore, India 

Master CHOA KOK SUI, Pranic Healing Course. Certificate of Participation. Lindsey & Louise Flint. Denmark, Western Australia

Pregnancy, Birth, Breastfeeding & Bodywork

Prenatal/Postpartum Yoga Intensive. Certificate of Completion 33 hours. De West. Boulder, Co., USA 

Gathering in The Knowledge Online Course. Sarah Wickham

Creative ways of Making space for Baby part 1 & part 2. Fiona Hallinan & Jenny Blyth. Melbourne, Australia

Spinning Babies Workshop. Ginny Phang. Queensland, Australia

Birth Work Meets Spinning Babies & Fasciatherapy Workshop. Jenny Blyth, Fiona Hallinan, Gail Tully & Marcello Windolph. Melbourne, Australia

Australasian Lactation Course for Health Professionals. Certificate of Completion 120hrs. Jen Byrne. 

Acupressure in the Perinatal Period Workshop. Dr Lyndall Mollart, Bunbury, Western Australia

Shiatsu in the Perinatal Period Workshop. Erycka De Marestan, Bunbury, Western Australia

The Breastmilk Microbiome, Online Course. Dawn Whitten ND, IBCLC

Stool Analysis Masterclass & Meet Your Microbiome, Online Course. Dr Jason Hawrelak

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