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I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and an endorsed Midwife with extensive experience and education in the fields of nutrition, nourishment, healing, and body mind integration work.

I see breastfeeding as a natural and instinctive process that requires the right kind of information, support, presence of mind, and often times a lot of patience. Early parenting is a profoundly sensitive experience of discovery, integration, healing and new learning. 


Breastfeeding is a journey of bonding and attachment between you and your little one and just like any relationship, there can be a steep curve as you learn to navigate and respond to your baby's needs. In addition, there are many changes happening in your own body that can feel overwhelming or challenging. 

Many breastfeeding challenges stem from confusion, misinformation and unrealistic expectations. Sometimes, difficult and unresolved labour or birth experiences can influence a persons stress levels and have a negative impact on lactation. Whilst well meaning care providers offering advice, can create confusion and misinformation that undermines the innate wisdom and instinct of the mother and baby. 


At times there may be health challenges that require knowledge, expertise and creativity to work with tricky and challenging dynamics. Whatever the situation you may find yourself, please feel welcome to reach out to me. I would love to see how I can support you and your baby to fine tune and come in to greater alignment and harmony throughout your breastfeeding journey.

I am located in North Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and available for home visits as well as virtual sessions if you live elsewhere.

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