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          The felt sense of safety is an embodied experience

Did you know, approximately 90% of what we think, feel, and how we act in the world, is strongly influenced by our unconscious conditioning. How we experience sacred initiations like conception, pregnancy, birth and early parenting is greatly influenced by our own early life experiences. The impact of our own early life conditioning, is alive and real in our bodies as feelings, emotions and often unexplained reactivity that bypasses our understanding; also know as 'implicit' conditioning. Often, these deeply held patterns lie dormant until we face challenges in our lives, then we may find ourselves acting out in ways that do not feel aligned with the deeper experience of our wholeness.


The work I offer supports you to align more fully with your authentic nature so you can find more ease and joy in your everyday lived experiences, with your self and your family. 

Others have reported:

  • A greater awareness of early life conditioning

  • An enhanced capacity to attune to & bond with their growing baby 

  • Greater capacity to trust their intuition and innate wisdom 

  • Better understanding of emotions, and how to experience them without shutting down

  • Understanding of the body's natural pace and rhythm 

  • A greater sense of wholeness 

  • Healing of inter generational patterns

  • Greater sense of power navigating pregnancy, birth and the fourth trimester

  • Feeling more resourced to meet life's challenges


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