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The felt sense of safety is an embodied experience

Womb Space is a container dedicated to bringing a greater sense of consciousness to the journey of becoming parents. My work in midwifery has shown me how for so many parents, despite all the reading, classes, apps, and practical tools that might be acquired throughout the gestational journey, many still feel ill-equipped to deal with the very real transformation that takes place as one steps over the many thresholds that the journey presents. From the initial dream of conceiving a child, there is an activation of one’s own conditioning around parenting. As an example, we may say ‘I am not going to be how my mother, or father were with me,’ and whilst that recognition is noble, and expresses a desire to parent well, most of the time, we find ourselves swimming in the same patterns that we inherited from our own family systems. 


We were all conceived and carried within the wombs of our mother, we all birthed ourselves into the world, and we all carry the imprints of our early experiences. These imprints live as memories in our bodies, in our direct experience. Our rational, left-brained ways of knowing are useless here, as these early experiences took place well before we developed a capacity for rational thinking. Rather, they live in our feeling, emotional sense of the world, influencing our perception of whether the world is a safe place to be. We may also call it our ‘implicit memory’. Implicit memory is not conscious, and it forms a foundational imprint upon which we continue to be ‘conditioned’ in our lives. Approximately 90% of what we think, feel, and how we act in the world, is strongly influenced by our unconscious conditioning. How we experience these sacred initiations, how we transition and how we welcome our little ones as they arrive, is the focus of this work. 


Womb Space work is an opportunity to explore your own imprinting (conditioning) and how it influences your perception of becoming/being a parent and your relationship to Self and the world around you. This is a type of guided self-enquiry that provides a roadmap for navigating the unconscious terrain of implicit imprinting as it shows up in the everyday world of our relationships. 


This work has benefited others in several ways: 

  • Facilitates understanding and Integration of ones’ own imprinting 

  • Enhances your capacity to attune to & bond with your growing baby 

  • Supports and develops your capacity to trust in your innate wisdom 

  • Provides resources to meet intense emotions without shutting down 

  • Develops your innate capacity to move at your own unique pace & rhythm 

  • Supports body-mind integration 

  • Enhances embodiment of authentic experience 

  • May clear inter-generational patterns of abuse and neglect so they are not passed on to future generations 

  • Supports empowered labour, birth, and bonding experiences for all involved 

  • Provides the tools to navigate challenging experiences with grounded presence 

  • Strengthens the capacity for authentic relating with others 


There are no requirements to participate in this work and no prior understanding necessary. Come as you are. You may be parents, parents to be, planning to conceive, or simply curious about early life imprinting and seek to live in greater alignment to the innate natural wisdom and intelligence that you are.


“Working with Lindsey was monumental for our journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Her facilitation of

self-reflection, exploration of bonding with ourselves and baby, and the concepts of integration, was gentle and honest. Lindsey held the space safely and warmly for us to open our hearts to diving into all the feelings, fears, thoughts and concerns we had surrounding our journey and thus when it came time to birth our baby we felt as though we had someone in our birth container that understood us on a soul level. Each session with Lindsey opened up a deeper level of understanding and experience within ourselves and gave way to greater bonding with our baby and each other”.


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