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Conscious Eating Experiment

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude for the food on your plate, say thank you and bless the farmers, the earth, the sun, and the rain.

Take some time to give your full attention to the act of eating, of really enjoying your food.

Experiment using different utensils like chop sticks, or your hands.

Create a pleasing environment, light a candle, turn off the TV, especially the daily news, find a comfortable place to be, perhaps outside under a tree, maybe a comfortable chair, or at a table.

Experiment with your senses, what is it like to really look at the food you are about to eat? How does it smell? What do you notice in your body? Are you hungry? Is your stomach empty? What emotions are you feeling?

When you’re ready, take a bite of your food. If you are using a utensil, place it down and give yourself some time to taste your food, what is the texture like? Chew it well, swallow and feel the food moving down slowly into your stomach.

See what it is like to continue to eat consciously like this for one full meal. Notice any parts of you that want to rush or multi-task and bring your attention back to your food, your body, and your breath.

When finished, take a few moments to feel how the food feels in your body, feel the fullness in your belly, let it be fat and relaxed. Savor the feeling of satisfaction.

Give thanks.

#bodymind wisdom

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